Silhouette Paintings Class - July 20th

No painting experience necessary! In this class, we are going to learn the basics of color gradation and how that can contrast with silhouettes.

About this experience

For experienced painters, do you ever have a subject that doesn't need a detailed background but you don't want it all one solid color? Well, this class can provide you three ways to fix that! This class also tests the perfectionists, expanding their creative limits by limiting the amount of detail they can use.
I will provide all the materials necessary for this experience, just wear clothes you won't mind getting paint on!
Materials Included:
Acrylic paper (with gesso)
Palette/palette paper
(Possibly) Sharpies

Your Host

Host image

I am a creative mind by nature and I love helping others expand their creative mindset. I love thrifting, whether at goodwill or garage sales, picking up treasures and turning them into beautiful art is what I'm passionate about.