Donna Carlasccio Novel By Jamie Stoudt

Donna Carlasccio Novel By Jamie Stoudt

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Legal Thriller - Story Biased In Downtown Stillwater

Donna Carlasccio joined the Marine Corps out of high school. She rose through the ranks to First Sergeant, and even though trained and assigned as an Abrams tank mechanic, she was consistently requested to accompany L and E (locate and eliminate) missions on close-combat night raids. However, her company C. O. declined to sign off on her third tour re-up, due to ‘anger issues’, as she consistently picked, and won, barfights with men who disrespected her lack of height.

As a civilian ‘with skills’, she signed on as Director of Security and Recovery for Stillwater, Minnesota attorney Ryan Driscoll, and eventually became a partner in his new firm of Driscoll and Associates. After putting four members of the Aryan Pure prison gang back in prison, via a hospital’s intensive care ward, Donna became a target, and an obsession, of the Pure.

This novel is the second appearance of Donna Carlasccio in print, and chronicles the failed efforts of the Aryan Pure to reel her in.