Our Stories

Kelli Kaufer, Interior Designer - Kelli Kaufer Interior Designs

Co-owner Smith +Trade Mercantile 

A visionary and don't stop till you drop entrepreneurial go getter, Kelli is a Minnesota native and has always had an appreciation for locally handcrafted products. She typically includes both locally produced items in her designs as well as upcycled uniquely creative fixtures. 


Erin Quast, Project Manager - Bremer Bank 

Co-owner Smith +Trade Mercantile 

An entrepreneur and technical/business specialist, Erin grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and lived in the Hayward WI area for over 20 years. Having dabbled in a few small businesses along the way she also has the local first mentality and wants to help the small craftsmen get their products to the marketplace. 

Both have a philanthropic philosophy and made a commitment to donating at least 10% of their net profits to one or more causes each year. 2019 a donation was made to the Epilepsy Foundation - a cause near to Erin's heart and in 2020 the main cause of focus will be Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and a research organization working for a cure.