Smith Testimonials

Our whole purpose of being is to put the consumer in contact with our Smiths. We want you to understand their passion and the 'why' behind their craft. Each one has a story that we hope to help tell.

Here is what some of our Smiths have said about their experience with Smith + Trade Mercantile:

"Thank you again for creating opportunities for those who craft, and giving them a spotlight to showcase. It is so important to buy/support local, small businesses and you both have given an platform for so many that did not have one previously. I hope you both realize how important this is, you truly are doing good deeds.

--Jennifer Lynn Polansky - wildlyPURE

 "I found Smith + Trade when I was growing my business on Instagram, I contacted Kelli as soon as I heard about the new store opening, as it has always been a dream of mine to sell my art in a physical store. It was so exciting to be a part of the store opening and to see how it has come together so beautifully."

--Caitlin Gerdes - Pressed Flower Shop

"I could likely never afford to have my own brick-and-mortar for a store front, so working with Kelli and Erin has given me a very fair pricing model that allows me to access some retail space, along with very high traffic of customers to see my work. I have generic order sheets available at the store so I am able to do custom woodworking for anyone who might be interested and asks at the shop."

--Tom Velure, Bored In The Basement