Air Castles Quilt

Isabella Ardell
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AIR CASTLES is a 24” mini-quilt consisting of 4, 12” 9-patch, pieced blocks. In a departure from my usual choice of bold, high contrast fabrics used in previous quilt projects, I decided to try a work in pastels. I chose a block from a book of quilt blocks and modified it so I could use each of the pastel fabrics equally.  I also decided on a smaller art quilt that would be suitable as a wall hanging. The blocks are arranged such that the center squares are set on-point and point both clockwise and counterclockwise.  For the binding I chose fabric with some sparkle for a little added “punch” without detracting from the calming effect of the pastels. My goal with all of my sewing and quilting projects is to improve my skills.  Beyond quilting the piece by simply “stitching in the ditch” as I have done on previous projects, I added additional quilting to the “empty” space in the center, corners and outside edges to add visual interest.