May 28th Create Your Own Sock Gnome Class

Gnomes are thought to bring good luck, wealth and even protection of your home while you sleep. Craft your own mythical Spirit.

About this experience

We will bring everything to inspire your creativity and bring your little creature to life. Just bring you, your friends and your creativity. 

After the class you will have your own friend who we believe will bring you your own Luck, Joy, Protection and blessing to you and your home. 

Gnomes are 4 - 5 inches wide and as tall as you can make them with your sock of choice.

Your Host

Host image

Shane and Chazz are the fabulous creative duo of 2Dudes1Dream. Originally from Minnesota and we are always on an adventure or creating something. Shane is the stained glass extraordinaire of Stained Glass Evolution and Chazz is always making something fun behind the sewing machine or thinking of another crazy idea. We live in a 100 year old house in St. Paul where we are always doing something exciting. In the summer we are often outside either exploring new parks or walking paths. At home the two of us can be found in our backyard oasis with multiple gardens and plants. We have a large pond and we love to pamper our goldfish. In the winter the house becomes a winter wonderland with over 15 Christmas trees and always new lovely surprises around every corner. Together we always find new ways to build, improve and make beautiful in every aspect of our lives. We invite you to start your own creative journey.