Body Scrub : Hibiscus + Rose

Body Scrub : Hibiscus + Rose

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Hibiscus + Rose Body Scrub - 6 oz

Directions: Apply to wet skin, massage in circular motions all over body + rinse thoroughly. Use once per week
Ingredients: Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, dendritic  salt, sea salt, coconut milk powder, beet root powder, diatomaceous earth, hibiscus + rose powder, grapefruit seed extract, sunflower kernel oil, apricot kernel oil, non-gmo vitamin e oil, essential oils of lavender, ho wood, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, cedar wood, Hawaiian sandalwood, cinnamon, ylang ylang + vanilla bean absolute. 

Information, How to use + Care for Body Scrub
Just like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, healthier skin underneath. That turnover process slows as we get older; to give it a nudge, reach for my body scrub. A scrub works in a few ways: as you massage it over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin, + the rubbing action itself boosts circulation + helps drain your lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface.
How to use - Start at your feet + massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs and the torso. Continue at your fingertips and massage up the arm. (or if your lazy or in a hurry, just scrub your body in a general matter) do not scrub every day, Avoid over-exfoliating by scrubbing just a couple times a week.  I suggest scrubbing before you shave which will remove dead skin cells and won’t clog up your razor. 
Shelf Life - These scrubs should last between 2-6 months; it all depends on the care you give them. Please use the scoop to take the scrub out. Fingers carry bacteria which can multiply in the scrub + shorten shelf life. Water is the enemy, as it is a mold creator, so please keep water out of scrub to extend shelf life.

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