24 oz Glass Pint Jar - 100% Raw Honey

24 oz Glass Pint Jar - 100% Raw Honey

Lazy Goat Studio LLC
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Holistically, enlightened nourshment.
From the magical valley of the Kinnickinnic River, our loving bees compose the truest form of honey. 100% raw, unfiltered and organically created.

Folks seem to love the story of Lazy Goat - that our Bees produce incredibly high quality Honey from the Kinnickinnic River Valley in Wisconsin.  Lazy Goat Honey is processed with organic methods over very low heat with limited filtering- all done to preserve the valuable phytonutrients, pollen and enzyme rich propolis.  We value our Bees, winter them locally and raise the majority of our own queens.  
Most honeybees are facing dire straights with heavy use of pesticides, fungicides and declining forage.  Our Bees are tenderly handled and located close to lush producing Basswood Trees, Native Flowers, Blooming Alfalfa and Clover.  Our honey is extracted in an old fashioned slow process on equipment averaging 60-70 years old.  Every bottle is poured by hand.
Happy, Healthy Honeybees are intrinsic to a wealth of fruits, vegetables and flowers and per ounce are a vital link to creating, maintaining and protecting the wellbeing of our fragile planet.