Little Laundry Basket Weaving Class with Gather and Grace at Spruce Hill Farms - August 20th

Everyone, everywhere, creates laundry. So, logically, everyone must need a Little Laundry Basket!

About this experience

Classes held at the beautiful picturesque Spruce Hill Equestrian Farms next to the Gteway Trailside in Stillwater.

Meet and check in at the Mercantile 1:00pm where the Nostalgic Trolley will pick you up promptly at 6:00pm. 

Enjoy the 10 minute ride through Stillwater to the rolling beautiful hills of Spruce Hill Farms.

You will meet with your Artisan where you will create your craft, enjoy a delicious meal and drink prepared by Gateway Trailside.

The journey back to Stillwater, hop on the Trolley where it will take you to the Mercantile. 

The Class - 

But if you don't have the heart to soil it with actual laundry, then your Little Laundry Basket can grace your bathroom floor by holding clean rolled bath towels and fresh washcloths.

No prior basket weaving experience required, only a need to
beautify your dirty laundry with a creation of your own.
Somehow dirty clothes don't seem quite as offensive when
tossed into a beautiful basket made by you.

Your Host

Host image

Lori Kangas-Olson
Lori is a regionally recognized knitter, designer, instructor, and technique expert who is known for
teaching the “why” not just the “how”. She has been gathering knitters for Knit Sits and teaching all
levels of knitting for almost 20 years. Along with the fiber arts, Lori has built her basket weaving skills
over the past 15 years and teaches basket weaving through local community education networks. With
a master’s degree in experiential learning, she brings the hands-on practice through thinking, doing, and feeling the accomplishments of the process.
Lori resides in Northern Minnesota where she’s had the wonderful experience of shepherding a small
flock of sheep for their fiber, along with her small business, Suku Mokki.