Piccolo Pesca Woodland Animal Fawn

Piccolo Pesca Woodland Animal Fawn

Piccolo Pesca
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Woodland Animal Ferra Fawn

Tucked back out of grassland, deep out of sight, lives shy Ferra fawn and a small woodland sprite.The small sprite and Ferra play games in the grass, dance in the sunlight watching clouds drift on past, But what Ferra loves more than dancing and fun is collecting the flowers to give everyone. With quick nimble hooves and a sly dainty grin she twists the large stems weaving out weaving in. And when she is done, Oh what a sight! her sweet floral bands left as gifts in the night. So if one fine morning you wake with the dawn you may find a sweet crown made by Ferra the fawn. 

Made from: hypoallergenic polyester fill, 100% cotton, felt wool, faux leather and faux fur.