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Art Has A Feel-Good Power On The Brain!

Art Has A Feel-Good Power On The Brain!

More scientific results suggest that the dopaminergic effect of art on the brain has a powerful effect on quality of life. In fact it has been shown that among stroke survivors, those with interest in the arts enjoyed better general health, found it easier to walk, had more energy, and tend to be happier. They were also less likely to e depressed or anxious. The results suggest that art may have long term changes to the brain that help the person to recover when things go wrong.



Art has a way of reaching deep inside our souls and connect what is inside us, our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, with outer realities and with our own experiences.

Art can help us understand who we are and enhance life through self-expression.

The Mercantile has over 40 Artisan's and is continually growing. There is something for everyone and when you purchase a handmade piece from one of our Smith's, you are buying a gift that keeps on giving. 

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