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Every Order Matters

Every Order Matters

Shout out to those that have placed orders, Kelli was busy packing last week. You all know who you are, as Kelli knew each and every one if you, her family, from high school, a few from her days back with kids playing sports and a few from our community. Kelli wants to say she has some pretty phenomenal friends. You all rock.

Thank you for your purchase

Its really hard to believe that 1 year ago, Kelli was busy starting to work on the space that the Mercantile lives in. I (Erin) was on vacation, I think? soaking up the wonderful warm rays of the southwestern part of the United States. Missing that time now. Been on WFH with my real job for going on week 5. I wish I was on vacation in New Mexico right now-- instead of trying to unravel this hairball that has been created for businesses by the virus, the state, the nation and the planet.

We started this business for a reason. We wanted to make a place where we could help other artisans/small businesses get a footing. We wanted to be a foundation. If you know anything about construction and foundations -- they are meant to be permanent, steadfast, unwavering. We are still here for them and for you our customers.

We believe in the artisans that we call 'Smiths'. We believe in their passion and their purpose. They are all different -- they are all at different maturity levels from a business perspective but we provide a 'safe' space for all of them to showcase their work and hopefully you find something you like and are compelled to purchase something. You are not just helping Smith + Trade, you are helping the Smith that made the products you purchase.

It all trickles down. Your mindful purchase of a Minnesota or Wisconsin made, handcrafted, local product makes a difference to us, to the person who made it and to their family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are grateful for you all.

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