FARMERS MERCANTILE MARKET Sunday 8/28 11:30-3pm Local Family Farmers, Ranchers and Makers


“There are benefits to visiting a farmers market in light of coronavirus in terms of the fact that you’re outside, there’s fresh air moving and the supply chain is shorter,” said Yvonne Michael, an epidemiologist at Drexel University School of Public Health

The buffalo fiber is considered rare and exotic, come watch a buffalo wool spinning demonstration.

Artisan Dotplaid will be sharing her hand lettering and paper dyeing craft in our front window.
You can even get a custom card made for that special occasion.
No extra cost.

“There’s lots of good public health benefits for farmer markets anyway, so I would definitely encourage people during the coronavirus to visit a farmers market,” Michael said.

See you at the Mercantile.

229 Main St. S. Stillwater, MN 55082