Boxed wine is all the craze but the box is less than pretty to look at. Lets spruce it up with a leather handcrafted wine box sleeve.

Here are a few fun facts for wine lovers.
 Did you know a open boxed wine can last six to eight weeks,
and even longer if you keep it in the refrigerator.
How long can you store an open bottle of red wine? Maybe 5 days.
We know a bottle is a bit more attractive than a boxed wine,
but we can fix that!
With our maker Agri-Enterprises all handcrafted,
100% leather bond cover.
Give as a gift, a thoughtful way to present wine to loved ones,
or as a special thank you.
Another fun fact, not only does the plastic bib seal better than its glass counterpart, it’s also environmentally friendly.
Another reason to go boxed!