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Gratitude -- We Are So Grateful For You

Gratitude -- We Are So Grateful For You

Gratitude is an emotion that I hear a lot of people talking about right now. Gratitude for family, gratitude for health, safety, employment, and for freedoms our life has afforded us as citizens of Minnesota and the Unites States of America.

As business owners I can truly say -- we are grateful for each and every individual that has walked through our store (whether in the brick and mortar location or online at the website), taken a class or shared one of our social media posts. On top of that -- EVERY purchase is so appreciated. From May 24, 2019, the day we opened the doors until today -- each and every purchase MEANS something to not only us -- but to the Smith that created it.


We are grateful for our Smiths -- without them we wouldn't have anything to share, no stories to tell, no passion to explain. The creativity and resourcefulness astounds me all the time. These people are very special and I am grateful they are creating for others to share.

During trying times like these our gratitude grows as we know everyone is trying to live and navigate in a new world. And if looking through the work of our Smiths on the website can give you a brief moment of escape -- we are grateful that we can showcase the work for you to enjoy. Here's a quick link to help you get there -- and Thank you for looking. Shipping and curbside pickup available. Handcrafted. Minnesota and Wisconsin made.

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