Make The Holiday Gift Finding Easy By Handcrafting Your Gifts! Treasured pieces that will be kept for a lifetime. Sign up with one or all of our Artisan Classes, each class inspired by the Holidays.

Create a beautiful home accent piece that is perfect for any home
this winter season. GIve as a gift or keep this one for yourself!
Create A Handpainted Winter Scene Pillow.
With prepared canvases, Kate will show how paint your own tree detail
and she'll sew them up that night. 

Participants will take home one pillow including insert, pick your state shape and from five colors (gray, blue, gold, red or plum)

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A Pressed Flower Locket Class
is A Perfect Sweet Memorable Gift For A Loved One.

Create your own beautiful pressed flower pendant 
using unique glass lockets and real flowers.
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Jeweled Christmas Tree Using Your Treasured Pieces From Times Past.

They can be personal pieces, broken or damaged, single earrings, buttons, chains, keys and anything else you want to incorporate.

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Want the Family Involved? This Class is the One!
Family Workshop where children and adults will learn ceramic hand building and surface design to create a one-of-a kind Christmas ornaments.

They are so sweet and will be kept for a lifetime.

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