Macrame Hot Trend for 2019 and our Smith Funky Fibers is on this cutting edge craft!

 Macrame is back and it is hot. This isn’t your grandma’s macrame. The new-to-many art of weaving has returned with a cleaner, more natural look. The brightly colored wall hangings have been replaced with sleek macrame planters, modern wall decor, and stylish jewelry.

Today, macrame is a bit more subtle than in the past. Natural and recycled materials in earth tones are often used. The emphasis is on nature, simplicity, and design. A blank wall is perked up with a fringed macreme wall hanging. Nature is brought inside by placing live plants inside beautiful macreme hangers. What’s old is new again, but this time with a more refined, natural look.

If you cannot find the time to craft but really want to have a piece of macrame decor in your home, Funky Fibers are skilled artists that are eager to help and make you a custom piece.

Have you ever done macrame before? Or are you eager to learn something new? Now is your chance to start making macrame. 

Sign up to learn how to make your own macramé wall hanging. Click below for the June 27th Thursday 6pm "Funky Fibers Macrame Class #1" - No previous experience necessary!