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Mother's Day Giveaway Winners

Mother's Day Giveaway Winners

1 of the 11 winners in our Mother's Day Giveaway.

Read her ‘Ten lessons in love I have learned from my mother Pam’
(way more than 10, but let's start with 10!)

1. Be kind. Do all things with kindness first. Assume goodness unless proven otherwise.
2. Get out in the dirt. Plant things with firm roots in areas where they will thrive.
3. Look for the silver lining on every rain cloud. That's where rainbows appear.
4. Do things with passion. When resting, savor every moment. When working, put your everything in all that you do.
5. Charlie Brown's tone was incorrect. A rock is the best thing to get for Halloween. Does it sparkle? Can you polish it into something simply stunning? It's something you can savor forever; not as fleeting as candy.
6. However, there is always room for a few Peanut M&M's. Hide the bag or you will eat it all in one sitting.
7. Savor the good things. Great music that makes your heart sing. Great drinks that make your words flow more smoothly. Great conversations that make you reach for your dreams.
8. Create. Create something that makes you smile every time you see it. Paint a picture, take a picture, even if only in your mind's eye. Build your life with an artist's eye and a gentle touch.
9. A home's work is never done. Improvements can be fun, if you make it a project. Always look for the next great project.
10. Show compassion. Watch the words that you speak, as you never know who may hear your message. Never write something down you haven't thoroughly thought about, because you can't take it back. Choose inspirational over critical whenever possible. Know that a higher power is looking out for you; just reach out.
Pretty smart lady, right? Thanks for always lifting me up Mom!
*Thank you for the opportunity Smith and Trade. What a wonderful contest for Mother's Day!
Sincerely Emily Jo Fristed

We all can learn a lot from Emily Jo’s mom!

Congratulations Emily Jo Fristed you won a beautiful hand crafted glass blown vase! By our Smith Marlo Cronquist values at $195.00.

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Wynnie Bye
Kim Utecht Prayfrock
Tanya Heimer Gerald
Skyler Glass
Stephanie Edgeton Kapfer
Jennifer Bye
Jen Wiczek Bertsch
Christina Wagner
Trudee Gullickson Watson

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