New Classes Tailored For All Ages - Kids, Teens, Graduates and Adults.

Stumped on what to get that special graduate?
How about a gift of Experience Class.

Why not gift them something different - a gift of experience - a chance to create something they'll cherish for a long time.
Each attendee will create a smaller (5 x 7) watercolor piece and will get to choose from a selection of frames. They'll leave with a custom framed piece they made themselves - they can keep, gift to a friend or maybe even to mom and dad.
Taught by one of our Smith's Chris from Dotplaid
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Surrealism With Pictionary
Welcome to the world of surrealism where we release the creativity of our unconscious minds! We will be creating paintings centered around the idea of Surrealism by drawing 3 random Pictionary cards and creating a piece centered around one thing you choose from each card! 
Come expand the creativity of your mind with one of our High School staff - Olivia!
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Stillwater Lift Bridge Sign 
In this class, you will paint and stain a Stillwater Lift Bridge, letters, and other unique items to create your very own Stillwater home decor.
A selection of reclaimed wood will be available to build your own frame to complete your hand-built wall art. Each person will be supplied with all the materials needed to create their very own one-off work of art. 
Taught by one of our Smith's Tom with Bored In The Basement
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