Featured News Article - Printmaking in a pandemic with our talented Smith Mary Bruno.

Bruno specializes in reduction block printing and as a subset, linoleum block carving. 
That means each color in one of her prints is the result of its own block. She puts the block into the press, makes the initial image, removes it from the press, carves it, inks it again, puts it in the press, makes an image and then pulls it back out again to continue carving. She never moves anything on the press so the images register perfectly.
“They’re exquisite but they’re also limited edition,” Bruno said. “That block, once I’m done, is spent.”
“When you can see every color, every feather, every highlight in their eye – that’s what I want,” Bruno said. 
“The way I work, yes I have a plan, but in most cases, it reveals itself to me as I go,” she said. “It’s like my crack cocaine, I could never stop in the middle, I could never wrap it up for the day, I’ve got to see it through. “
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