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Shopping Artisan-Made Goods Is Good For Everyone!

Shopping Artisan-Made Goods Is Good For Everyone!

There are many things we think about when shopping—brands, prices, styles, materials—but one thing consumers are increasingly focused on is the way that products are made.

This line of thinking, often called conscious consumerism, is a millennial-driven movement to make a positive impact on the world through our everyday purchases. While there are many ways to do this - shopping artisan-made products can be particularly meaningful for everyone involved. 

There are evident social and environmental consequences of conventional manufacturing—from worker exploitation, to air pollution, unsafe labor conditions and more. Shopping products that are made by hand, by artisans, can be a powerful alternative to the factory-based mass-production that we aspiring-ethical-shoppers do not want to support.

Handmade, buying local is better for the enviroment. Many artisan-made brands are dedicated to incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout their production process, sourcing natural, recycled and upcycled materials and utilizing time-honored artisanal techniques with a low carbon footprint.

Support Artisan made goods, buy local, do good for the enviroment and stop down at the Mercantile! We also have classes, check out our schedule.

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