Teen and Kids Art Classes are here at The Mercantile! It's time to spread positivity!

Through the artistic process, kids and teens can spread their wings and even soar as they discover their gifts and talents, and ultimately, who they really are.
In this 13 year old and older class we will be using Pictionary cards to create a piece centered around the cards you select.
June 22nd 12pm
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Come expand the creativity of your mind! 
Kids class 
It’s time to spread positivity this summer! Bring a friend and join me as we paint rocks with positive messages or designs and put them in front of the store!
Your art will be on display for any passerby, brightening their day. Or, of course, you can bring your rock(s) home to spread the joy in your home!
June 29th 12pm
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Both classes taught by our staff Olivia!