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I've been an 'illustrator' ever since I could remember. Compelled by drawing monsters and spaceships when I was a child, I continued to draw, learn and grow through my education years. Putting imagery on paper is how I processed the outside world. I'm drawn to storytelling, whether it be a person's story or the story of a place. Recently, I have begun to transition from client-led illustration projects to self-driven oil paintings. Because of the diversity of client projects, I've never locked in on any one subject matter, although I'm particularly driven to the complexity of the human mind, exhibited through the human figure. With that said, I am also completely drawn to nature, and it's character and complexity. I grew up on the West Coast, but Minnesota... its places and its people... called to me when I was young, and has been a part of me ever since. Therefore, most of my work will be the people and places of my current home... Minnesota.