Janet Marie Felted Goods

Janet Marie Felted Goods Team

Janet Marie Felted Goods was born out of a love of color & texture as well as a desire to create unique, high quality items from natural materials, using an environmentally friendly process from beginning to end.

I fell in love with plants at as a child, growing up on a dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin. That love of plants grew (pun intended) into a horticulture degree and eventually into a family business. My love of plant design, color, and texture translated easily to the fiber arts when I was exposed to felting many years ago.

I took my first felting class at a local llama farm. That class introduced me to the beauty and versatility of wool. Felting allows me to work with color and texture in ways I never thought possible, while connecting me to a community of people who share my love of fiber and creative passion.

Felting is an ancient art form that I am pleased to carry on into the modern day. This would not be possible without every member of my dedicated team. Together, we put a great deal of thought and effort into designs and material choices.  We each put our unique signature on our one of a kind products; blending colors, creating patterns and shaping each item by hand.

Collection of products can be purchased here.

Minnesota and Wisconsin Made, Handcrafted, Local, Small Business