Back Again Novel By Jamie Stoudt

Back Again Novel By Jamie Stoudt

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Action Adventure Novel

Wendy Halstad died of a massive heart attack… just mixing some chocolate-chip cookie dough, and… kerplop. Three years later, her husband Michael found her leaning on his car after work. “Hey sailor, can a girl get a ride home?”

That was the start of an amazing, exciting, funny, and touching year of “trying to knock some sense into the stagnant human intellect.” At one point, Wendy explains to Michael, “Babe, I’m not here on a green card. I’m not a permanent resident.” But boy, did they make the best use of her time back.

Back Again will hopefully make you laugh, and maybe encourage you to ponder Wendy’s frustration: are humans getting smarter, or have their brains stalled in neutral? She appears to be the unknowing, unwitting catalyst to upping our game.

“Delightful, a finesse unusual in a first novel, clear winner from the start.”

– Midwest Book Review