Love And Health - We Feel Prosperous When We Experience Love And When We Love Others.

Feeling love is different from feeling happy.
Happy comes and goes.
Love can stay as long as you welcome it regardless of circumstances.
Be grateful for friends, loved ones, and acts of kindness by others.
Expressing gratitude by saying thanks and showing appreciation
in all kinds of creative ways keeps the relationship wheel well oiled.
Send a little thank you to someone you love.
All of our art peices are made with love, each is handcrafted, one of a kind.
Or create your own art with one of our kits.
Simple love is felt as caring, kindness, connection,
appreciation of beauty, witnessing the miracles of nature,
and more. It involves all of our senses.
Sometimes all it takes is a hug, a smile or a touch.
Sending you all some LOVE from everyone at Smith + Trade.