FDA Expands List of Recalled Hand Sanitizers Containing Toxic Methanol - 115 brands sold at retailers nationwide but not ours!

Smtih + Trade carries a number of natural hand santizers
that meets the CDC alcohol content.
(The recalled brands are in a link at the bottom of page)
BeeNaturalz made with organic wheat alcohol + soothing aloe
and other natural ingrediants.
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Essence One has 3 scented Purifying Hand Spray.
Offered in Lavender, Energy (Grapefruit and Bergamot)
and Morning Calm (Spearmint, Bergamot Mint and Patchouli).
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Racha Farms offers 2 sizes, 2 ounce great for in a purse or traveling.
8 ounce pump is perfect for the family.
Rebel Revival 2.7 ounce spray w/Tea Tree & Lavender essential oil
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115 bands listed below