Our Smith Natalija Walbridge has been accepted for A Career Development Grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council

Natalija of Dock 5 says funding will support time to research designs and create 4-6 detailed illustrations to be translated into screen prints on handcrafted canvas bags.

In 2014, Natalija Walbridge decided to follow her dream of working as a full-time artist. Going all in, Natalija started by converting her 900 sq ft home into a studio with screen printing equipment and two industrial sewing machines. Each Dock 5 is created from start to finish by Natalija and is infused with a passion for functional details and embellished with original art.

The studio is located on the bay side of Park Point with a view of Hearding Island - home to eagles, otters and many migrating birds. (Park Point is neighborhood located on Minnesota Point, a 7 mile long sand spit, the longest fresh water sand spit in the USA.) She was inspired to name her company “Dock 5” to establish a strong connection with the city of Duluth after watching the ships come into the harbor  from her home on Park Point. These crossroads of nature, engineering and history are the foundation of Natalija’s artistic vision.

Quality craftsmanship is built into every detail, from sourcing durable materials, to innovative pattern making and detailed sewing construction, every Dock 5 bag is built to last the journey of a lifetime!

Unique hand printed artwork inspired by Lake Superior and the surrounding area is what makes a Dock 5 bag as original as its wearer.

Natalija’s creative passion is inspired by outdoor adventures and the desire to create lasting mementos for people who love exploring Northern Minnesota.