The Mercantile Makes Front Page News In Twin Cities Pioneer Press!

Owners Erin and Kelli are excited and honored to be the main feature in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press on July 3rd.

It all started when a reporter entered the store last week, Kelli was told they were doing a feature on a few stores located in Stillwater, the historic town of Minnesota. The reporter strolled the store for a bit, started asking Kelli questions and before they knew it, it had been more than an hour. They discussed the how it all began, the concept and went from artisan to artisan.

The reporter contacted the store to say a photographer may be stopping by Sunday Smith Day to capture their talented artisan's creating their craft live at the store.

The photographer arrived staying for 45 minutes snapping shots of customers as well as the Smith's creating their craft.

Kelli and Erin were told the article will be out in print Wednesday morning July 3rd.

Wednesday morning arrived and their phones started ringing and buzzing with texts, to their surprise, not only was their store in the paper, it made the front page! 

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