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 Mixed Media Artist Randi from Design & Flourish
started down the path of simplistic, yet elegant, abstract paintings because she loves the look and feel of simple elegance in home decor.
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 Randi uses mediums that create exciting texture
and movement across the canvas or wood.

Karen and her daughter Sarah from Rapha Farms
are the faces behind the soap.
They both have been through many health battles together over the years 
from eczema to cancer and so much more in between.

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Through their journey, they have discovered the value of a
holistic wellness lifestyle and they now seek to support others
on similar journeys through their goat milk products.

Kris Lange is an artist that works in many different mediums,
including acrylics, pen, watercolor, fiber, clay, and mixed media. 
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She is often inspired by the raw beauty of nature.

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