Featured Smith's On Twin Cities Live With Kelli At The Mercantile!

Yesterday Kelli shared 2021 design trends and
natural home remedies that are new and fresh.
For 2021 you'll see the focus on natural inspired products,
from home remedies to interiors, encompassing one's lifestyle.
Watch the full segment here
  Below are a few ways nature has not only inspired us
through design but natural remedies that you probably haven't heard about.
Here are honeycomb inspired wood art hangings.
Super easy to install and are a perfect accent piece. 
Handcrafted by Smtih, Bored in the Basement 
Natural home remedies.
 Beeswax 2 oz block that is 100% beeswax.
A natural moisturizing and antibacterial beeswax bar.
Use for chapped lips, cracked cuticles. 
Small enough to easily slip into a travel bag.
Use on stuck zippers or your pots and pans (watch video for more info)
Made by Smith Lazy Goat.
Not many people know about Elderberry fruit,
it is one of the best immune boosting fruits,
used in Europe for hundreds of years.
Its antioxidant purple berry is rich in vitamins A, B and C
to help keep your immune system strong,
fighting off infections as the common cold or flu and it is an anti-inflammatory.
Created by Smith Chef Leo from Que Rico Naturals. 
Goat milk skin products are loaded with minerals, vitamins, magnesium,
potassium, that is extremely creamy, very moisturizing to the skin.
Great for the winter dry season.
We have over 12 different scents made from natural flowers and spices.
Handcrafted by Smith Rapha Farms.
Order on line, we ship or pick up, better yet, stop in and say Hi!
Thank you for your continued support.
Stay healthy this winter season.