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Beth Arnold
I live in Crystal, MN and I have been drawing for most of my life.
I just recently picked it back up again after I got a new puppy named Boo. I felt the need to draw this sweet little puppy; and low and behold, my passion for drawing came back as I had never felt it before.
The items that I draw with are mostly colored pencils but I also use pens. I amso excited to draw your fur bablies for you. They love us unconditionally.
This is a perfect way for you to keepa memory of them andyou will feel the love that they have given you forever.
* Hello I am here; I will always look at you like this.
* Everlasting LOVE for our Fur Babies.
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  • WiggleButts Pet Murals - assorted sizes.
    WiggleButts Pet Murals - assorted sizes.
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